Dormitory Accommodations on the Basis of Medical Conditions

Accessible Apartments for Students with Disabilities

Within the Technion dormitories, there are several apartments that are accessible for students with disabilities. These apartments include accessible pathways to the apartment, including parking spots for disabled people in all zones, accessible rooms (including bedrooms, bathrooms, and showers), as well as a setup that allows individuals to freely move throughout the apartment.

These apartments are located in the Mizrach Hadash (New East) Dormitories, the Kfar HaSmacha (Undergraduate Village) Dormitories, the Senate Dormitories and the Kfar HaMishtalmim (Graduate Student Village) Dormitories.

Students who are in need of an accessible apartment should contact the Dormitory Office (preferably during the dormitory registration periods) and attach the relevant documentation.

You may contact the Dormitory Office by phone or by email at, for graduate students contact by email at

Dormitory Accommodations on the Basis of Medical Conditions

Students who have registered for dormitory housing and are requesting accommodations in light of their medical condition are asked to complete:

Dormitory Approval or Dormitory Placement Changes Due to Medical Reasons

Request for Medical Diagnosis form: /files/2021/06/טופס-פניה-לאבחון-רפואי.pdf

Waiver of Medical Confidentiality: /files/2021/06/ויתור-סודיות.pdf

Forms are to be sent to the following email –  – along with the relevant medical documents.

The information will be forwarded to the Technion doctor, and a response will be sent from the office via email.

The decision of the Technion doctor is final and decisive.

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