Career and Employment Counseling Unit

The unit’s vision is to guide students and graduates of the Technion in their personal and professional development by building the unit’s network of contacts with hi-tech companies, as well as providing professional tools to enhance the personal and professional advantage of our students and graduates in the job market.


Our goal is to strengthen the connection between academia and the job market and to encourage joint projects with organizations and companies throughout Israel, as well as to provide a wide range of employment solutions for employers seeking to identify excellent candidates from the Technion.


The unit operates as a career center, provides technical training for exchange students, and offers students and graduates a wide range of activities:

Technology job fairs

Recruitment meetings with companies from industry

“Spotlight” days

Job placement

Counseling and guidance for job interviews, conducted by career counselors


The advancement of students from the Arab community and various other populations project

Tour of companies/factories in industry

Integration of students with disabilities into the job market


The Career Counseling Unit aims to assist and prepare Technion students and graduates for the work world.


Writing a professional resume – The resume is most often your first encounter with an employer. The unit advises that you tailor your resume to the field of your faculty, which can differ from one to another. You can schedule an individual counseling session in the unit to have your resume edited to fit a professional format.


Exploring job search tools – How many times have you applied for a position and not received a relevant response? An individual counseling session can be scheduled at the unit, during which we will review methods and means by which to search for work and their degree of effectiveness.


Personal branding on LinkedIn – You can schedule an individual counseling session, during which you will be instructed on how to create a LinkedIn profile, set up the profile, what content and information is recommended to include in the profile, how to grow your personal network, as well as how to find available positions and potential companies and employers to work for. For the purpose of the meeting, you must arrive with a laptop.


Placement in industry and hi-tech – The Career Counseling Unit presents students and graduates with job opportunities in the fields of engineering and science. The positions are updated daily, and the only option is to forward your application directly to the point of contact through the director of industrial relations. As a result, the unit can check your application status, even after you submit your resume.


Job interview preparation – An individual counseling session can be scheduled to conduct a mock job interview, as well as to receive tips and recommendations for proper conduct during a job interview.

To schedule an individual counseling session via Zoom please send an email with your resume attached to:


Throughout the year, the unit organizes lectures by key experts and people from industry and hi-tech with the goal of preparing you for the work world.


The unit hosts professional lectures in the faculties on a variety of topics such as writing a professional resume, conducts group interview simulations to prepare you for job interviews, and more.


The unit holds weekly spotlight days, during which the companies deliver lectures and conduct job interviews at the Technion.

On this day, the spotlight is placed on a specific company that is recruiting the best and the brightest students and graduates.

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