Students Dormitories

Student Dormitories Unit

Dormitories Vision:

The Dormitories Unit provides suitable accommodations for the entire academic population, aligning with the goals and needs of the Technion.

Striving to lead in the residency experience and service, the Unit commits to proactively address and cater to the needs of the residents in order to cultivate a home environment conducive to both learning and research.

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There are about 5,000 housing solutions in the Technion campus. The Technion is the academic institution with the largest number of dormitory housing solutions in relation to the number of students. About a third of the students who study at the Technion live in the dormitories.

The dormitories are spread over a large area and surround the entire campus.

Students from all religions, sects and nationalities live in the dormitories, including students who come here from all continents around the world.

The tenant’s students are single men, women, couples, and families with children of different ages. In the dormitories there are educational solutions and frameworks for preschool and children’s kindergarten.

The dormitories border the municipality of Nesher in the east and Haifa in the west. Dormitory residents use the many community services available in these municipalities.

Scattered throughout the dormitories are areas that allow defense in an emergency, such as shelters and protected rooms in apartments.

In certain areas of the dormitories there are areas that allow students to have social activities, clubs for learning in groups and public areas with various sports facilities.

Below is the layout of the dormitories by blocks:

East dormitory block – located near the east exit gate of the campus.

Upper Dormitory Block – includes the Undergraduate Village, Amim, Senate and Nave America and are in the southern part of the campus.

Canada and Broshim Dormitory Block – includes the Broshim Towers, Canada Dormitory, Gross, and the towers located in the northwest area of ​​the campus.

The Rifkin dormitory block – buildings located near the main gate of the campus. These buildings were built together with the foundation of the Technion in Neve Shanan in the 1950s.

In addition to these blocks – Junior faculty dormitories and Graduate village dormitories. In these areas, most of the housing is intended for couples and families, with appropriate ancillary solutions.

The dormitories allow for comfortable housing and great accessibility to the faculties at a discounted price. Easy accessibility during the day and evening to libraries, computer farms and commercial areas (restaurants, post office, bank, various shops).

Dear tenants,

The operation division wishes to remind everyone that every maintenance or safety event during after-hours (including Saturdays and holidays) should be reported to the Security phone center: 073-3782222 (Rappaport bldg.. in Bat-Galim: 073-3784242). The Security center, in turn, will activate the relevant professional personnel and update accordingly.

Students reception are by booking an appointment in the Bookme system at:
Sunday-Thursday, between 08:00 and 10:00.
Candidates without a Technion email can coordinate by phone: 073-3782284.
Students will not be admitted without prior appointment.
Telephone response: Sunday – Thursday between the hours: 10:00 – 11:00, 13:00 – 14:00
You can also contact our email box –

Graduate Dorms Office

Main Dorms Office
Tel: 073-3781525
Reception hours: Monday-Wednesday between 9:30 – 11:00

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