Technion operates a 24-hour monitoring system that includes a network with security guards stationed at the university entrances and security units patrolling the campus grounds. To date, Technion has never suffered a security breach.

The Security Unit’s hotline operates around the clock at 04-8292222. More details can be found at https://bitahon.technion.ac.il.

We urge everyone to closely follow and adhere to updates and guidelines disseminated via email, WhatsApp, the Technion website, and our social media platforms.

Please ensure you are prepared for emergencies and are updated for the relevant procedures. Make sure you know the location of shelters nearest to your location.

For a list of the safe rooms and shelters on campus, click here >> https://bit.ly/46HtZmi

For guidance on how to respond during a rocket attack (video), click here >> https://bit.ly/46m5efp

To stay up to date, please download the Technion app.

Android users: https://bit.ly/3LRgpEB

Apple users: https://bit.ly/3ZNRZBL

Please make sure you permit “push notifications” from the app.

We recommend you also download the Home Front Command app: https://did.li/HYfZH

Emergency numbers

Main Gate: 04-829-4242

Office: 04-829-2494

First Aid

For Medical Emergencies dial 101 from any phone.

The campus medical clinic has an on-call doctor. The clinic (part of the Clalit Health Service provider) is situated in the Ullman Building.

Haifa has three excellent hospitals and many medical clinics.

Hospitals in Haifa:

Rambam Health Care Campus: 04-854-2222

Carmel Health Care Center: 04-8250211

Bnai Zion Health Care Facility: 04-8359359


Dial 100 from any phone anywhere in the country.

Fire Department

Dial 102 from any phone anywhere in the country.

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