Psychological Aid

Psychological service providers lend an ear and offer a variety of treatments for students who are experiencing emotional distress.

These services are aimed at helping students cope with psychological challenges and interpersonal, familial, or academic crises or crises of any other nature.

Psychological therapy is subsidized in order to enable all students to receive the assistance that they need during their studies at the Technion.


Therapeutic treatment is kept confidential. Services are provided at the edge of campus to allow for as much privacy as possible.


Different types of psychological treatment options are provided – individual therapy, group therapy, workshops to teach how to cope with test anxiety.


In addition, psychiatric counseling is provided and psychodiagnostic assessments are conducted. All of these services are offered after an introductory meeting is held with each student who contacts us.


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Take note

 Psychological services are offered at the Farid Building, located near the junior faculty dormitories and the children’s daycare center across from the Canada dormitories (under the swimming pool).

Due to the load of inquiries, the service is closed for new inquiries until 1.3.22.
At this time we are making an effort to expand the service team.

If necessary, you are welcome to contact the consultants at the Center for Counseling and Support – Ullman Building, 4th floor, room 460
Telephone Secretariat: 077-8874112 / 4905, Email:
Sorry for the inconvenience

It is highly recommended that you call us before you arrive for more information.

The psychological service staff


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