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Equal Opportunities for Students from the Periphery Projects

The Advancement of Students Unit is responsible for operating a variety of absorption programs designed for students from the social and economic periphery of the country.


The goal of these projects is to facilitate these students’ adjustment during their first year of study.


The programs include: “Atidim” (for student-soldiers), “Atidim in Industry”, Hesegim for HiTech”, an accessibility program in academia for students from the Arab community, programs for ultra-Orthodox students.


The purpose of these programs is to provide a large network of academic and social support in order to facilitate students’ initial adjustment to the Technion.


The programs consist of four elements:

  1. Individual mentoring – continuing students from the same faculty in which the student is studying will provide personal and emotional guidance and support, which is tailored to the first semester of studies.
  2. Academic workshops – small-group practice sessions in the core subjects, for the purpose of providing additional practice and various tools for increasing students’ understanding of the material.
  3. Individual counseling – assistance provided by the unit’s counselors in order to appropriately address the various needs of these students and help them fulfill their academic requirements. Assistance is provided through one-on-one conversations, during which stressors are identified and academic and emotional coping strategies are provided.
  4. Individual tutoring – strengthening academic abilities via an individual academic tutoring program; tutoring is provided by excelling students from all faculties.
  1. Student Information Booklets 
    1. Students from Ethiopia
    2. Students from the ultra-Orthodox society


    Links to Program Websites


    1. Atidim program
    2. Accessibility program in academia for students from the Arab community
    3. Hesegim for HiTech program
    4. Foundation for the Advancement of Students from the ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Sector
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