Courses and Syllabi

Courses and Syllabi

Undergraduate Level Courses:

Winter Semester Course Syllabi 2020-21

Note: We allow students to register for a minimum of three and maximum of five courses at Technion (15 credit points).

Winter Semester 2022-23 Full Schedule

Spring Semester 2022-23 Full Schedule


Additional courses for International Students, offered by the different faculties at Technion:

  • Environment and Innovation Semester for students majoring in Environmental Studies. The program focuses on topics related to the design and management of the solutions in response to water and environmental dilemmas, such as: effects of trace pollutants in air, soil, and water bodies; water and wastewater treatment; recycling of treated wastewater for use in agricultural irrigation.
  • Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning Courses

Graduate Level Courses here

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