Incoming Winter Semester

Study Abroad – Incoming


The Technion’s semester study abroad program in engineering and science is designed to give international students a unique academic experience, as well as a chance to get to know Israel, the “Start-Up Nation.” Students from all around the world can apply for this program through Technion International. All courses in the study abroad program are taught entirely in English.


Students can apply to study abroad at Technion International if they are in their second year of undergraduate studies or above. The study abroad program includes off-campus activities, as well as business and industry site visits. Students who are interested in studying at Technion International will have a variety of engineering and science-based courses to choose from, including basic engineering and science, civil and environmental engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and related fields.


Graduate-level courses are also available for students who meet the requirements. Further information about graduate-level courses in English is available herePlease note that admission to our graduate study abroad program does not ensure admission to graduate courses at the Technion. The lecturer of the course will decide whether the student is accepted to the course.





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